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Posted by Peppermint Latte on October 21, 2010 at 7:20 PM

I was so sorry about not posting aden's weekly last week, that I decided to post a my blog a little bit early than usual:).


Anyways, I got the game Halo Reach last weekend and it is OFF THE CHAINS!!!!! It's even better than I thought it was going to be! Everything in the game is just so awesome, and I plan on getting an X- Box Live account because I've heard that's the best part.


I finished the book Steel Trapp a few weeks ago and I decided to tell u how awesome it is.It's about a 13 year old guy named Steel Trapp with a remarkable memory, which makes him an A+ student in school. In fact he was so good in science that he got invited to the National Science Challenge in Washington D.C. So him and his mom packed up and took a train to D.C. because his dad was extremly busy with his work. On the first stop Steel notices a unattened breifase and instantly remembers who it belongs to. But once he reaches the lady that he knows was the one who carried it on the train, she denies even seeing the breifcase let alone having it with her. Steel eventually gets the breifcase open out of curiousity, and once he finds the thing in it, everything changes. This is a fast paced book for the book fans that don't like to wait for the best parts to happen.


Thank You for reading this weeks version of Aden's Weekly, see ya next week and have a great fall break8):P:D.


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